The MN-S Emergency Home Renovations and Repair Program

The MN-S Housing Strategy program for Métis citizens in Saskatchewan will provide a one-time forgivable loan of up to $15,000 through the MN-S Emergency Home Renovations and Repair Program (MN-S EHRRP) to provide for emergency home repairs and renovations to improve and maintain existing housing stock.

The MN-S EHRRP is one component in the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan Housing Strategy. The MN-S EHRRP Program is being offered to Metis citizens of Saskatchewan and will provide up to $15,000 through a forgivable loan to address emergency repairs, housing renovations and repairs, accessibility for Senior’s and those with disabilities and adaptability to changes in family composition.

The Metis Nation of Saskatchewan (MN-S) has tasked the Provincial Metis Housing Corporation (PMHC) with providing administration and delivering the MN-S EHRRP Program to the Metis citizens of Saskatchewan. The MN-S EHRRP is designed to provide financial assistance to adapt, maintain, renovate and repair homes for Metis citizens with a low to moderate income.

The MN-S EHRRP program is Metis specific and applicants must be citizens of the Métis Nation – Saskatchewan and must provide proper documentation prior to accessing from the MN-S EHRRP Program. Proper documentation must include a valid Métis Saskatchewan membership card and picture identification from the Government of Saskatchewan and/or the Government of Canada and a Saskatchewan Health Card.

The MN-S EHRRP program will prioritize home repairs that address safety, health, adaptability and environmental issues for Métis families who own their own homes and who have a combined income less than $150,000 and less than $300,000 in liquid assets. The MN-S Home Repair and Renovation that is safe, sound, suitable, and sustainable for Métis households across Saskatchewan.

For more information, please contact a MN-S EHRRP Program Officer at:

Provincial Metis Housing
Corporation #15 – 901 1st Ave. North
Saskatoon SK S7K 1Y4

Phone: 306-343-8241 or 306-343-8240
Toll Free: 844-396-7933
Fax: 306-343-1700