Reaching Home: Canada’s Homelessness Strategy

Reaching Home: Canada’s Homelessness Strategy (Reaching Home, RH) is a federal government funding initiative for homelessness projects. The Indigenous Funding Stream component of the program is administered by the Provincial Metis Housing Corporation (PMHC) as the Non-Designated Community Entity (CE). The Indigenous Funding Stream Program is a five (5) year contractual agreement between the Government of Canada and PMHC with funding available until March 31, 2024.

The Indigenous stream of funding through PMHC supports Indigenous organizations who are addressing homelessness throughout the Province with the exception that we do not provide funding for organizations in Regina and Saskatoon and off-reserve settings. Regina and Saskatoon have their own designated CE’s and each has Indigenous Homelessness Funding, apart from the Indigenous Funding Stream that they administer within their respective cities.

As the Community Entity, PMHC manages the funding distribution and project evaluation that is connected to the funding for the Indigenous Stream throughout the Province with the exception of Regina and Saskatoon and on reserve. PMHC has a Community Advisory Board (CAB) called the Aboriginal Homelessness Advisory Board (AHAB) with representation from the Government of Canada, the Province of Saskatchewan and local Metis and First Nation Housing Corporation and Aboriginal non-profit front line agencies.

We work in partnerships with the AHAB Board of Directors and the PMHC Board of Directors. The AHAB Board reviews the proposals and make recommendations to the PMHC Board of Directors for funding projects that address the needs of the homeless. Funding applications are assessed based on needs that meet the community priorities and if the project meets the goals and terms and conditions for the Reaching Home program. The PMHC Board of Directors approves all project funding.

The amount of funding available for PMHC approved Reaching Home projects that can be offered is variable but is typically about 1.9 million dollars per year Province wide.

As the Community Entity, we follow Reaching Home Terms and Conditions and ensure that projects fall within these guidelines. Reaching Home funding is a contribution, which is different from a grant. This means there are associated quarterly and annual activity/outcome reporting requirements and budget updates that funding recipients must complete. PMHC manages all aspects of the project development, contracting, reporting and financial accountability on behalf of the federal government.

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