On March 18, 2020, the Government of Canada announced that Reaching Home will receive additional support for people experiencing homelessness during the COVID-19 outbreak.


The Provincial Métis Housing Corporation (PMHC) is the CE for the Indigenous Non-Designated Funding Stream and as well the CE for the Rural and Remote Funding Stream in Saskatchewan. The 2020-2021 incremental funding allocation under Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan to Support People Experiencing and at Risk of Homelessness is:


  • $1,796,067.00 allocated to the Non-Designated Communities Indigenous Homelessness funding stream; exclusive of Regina and Saskatoon
  • $437,432.00 allocated to the Non-Designated Communities Rural and Remote funding stream; exclusive of Regina and Saskatoon


Communities will receive funding to support their COVID-19 response capacity and prevent the infection from spreading in the homeless population that they serve. The guiding principle will be that anything that would improve the capacity of homelessness service providers to serve clients is eligible. Broadly speaking, this would include things like:


  • securing additional accommodation to reduce overcrowding in shelters;
  • purchasing supplies and materials to reduce the risk of transmission, such as personal protective equipment for staff;
  • increasing the frequency of cleaning with disinfectants in high traffic areas;
  • securing sufficient accommodation to quarantine individuals infected;
  • purchasing beds and physical barriers to place between beds in newly purposed facilities; and
  • staff hours to operate these new facilities.
  • Providing medical transport services for people in need of medical care

The full Reaching Home Directives, in the context of COVID-19 can be found here:


How to Apply:

1st:   Organizations wishing to apply for funding must first complete the following Needs Assessment Questionnaire:


2nd:  Once we have received your completed questionnaire, a PMHC representative will be in contact with you to complete the full application package. The documents can be downloaded below:

Information Package:

Application for Funding:

Budget Negotiations: