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PMHC Call to Participate


The Provincial Metis Housing Corporation (PMHC) is a Métis not for profit housing corporation with the mandate to provide housing and housing programs to low-income and Aboriginal peoples of Saskatchewan. PMHC was incorporated in 1989 with a volunteer board of directors and is an affiliate of the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan.


PMHC administers the Saskatchewan Non-Designated Indigenous funding stream for the Reaching Home program as well PMHC continues to address the housing mandate for Métis Nation off Saskatchewan. The Reaching Home program is a status blind program that provides funding for projects that can reduce Indigenous homelessness throughout the Province.  The Reaching Home program does not fund projects on-reserve and in the cities of Regina and Saskatoon. The cities of Regina and Saskatoon are designated communities with Reaching Home funding delivered by the YWCA in Regina and SHIP in Saskatoon for indigenous projects.


PMHC is looking for representation on the Board of Directors for the Central and Northern areas of Saskatchewan and as such PMHC is requesting interested Métis applicants to submit their resumes to the office by July 31, 2019. PMHC requires a cover letter indicating your interest, a Criminal Record Check, and a summary from a recognized Credit Bureau. We are encouraging Métis persons with legal, administrative and housing delivery experience as well as those interested community members who have a specific interest in social housing and homelessness in the Indigenous communities to apply.


Applicants must be Métis and at least 18 years of age and be of good character. Applicants cannot have the status of bankrupt in law or hold elected office with the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan Secretariat Inc. or be a family member of any person holding elected office within the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan Secretariat Inc. This includes spouse, parent, son or daughter, sibling or immediate family members of a common law partner. The applicant cannot have a business relationship with the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan Secretariat Inc or with any person currently holding elected office with the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan Secretariat Inc.


For further information please feel free to contact our office or mail your application to:


Mr. Derek Langan – MNS Minister of Housing

Provincial Métis Housing Corporation

#15 – 901 1st Avenue North

Saskatoon, SK.   S7K 1Y4