Call to Participate

Aboriginal Homelessness Advisory Board - AHAB

The Provincial M├ętis Housing Corporation (PMHC) is the Community Entity for the Aboriginal Homelessness Partnering Strategy Program (HPS). The HPS program provides funding to prevent and reduce homelessness. The Aboriginal HPS program is funded by the Government of Canada under the direction of the Aboriginal Homelessness Advisory Board (AHAB).

The AHAB Board is seeking experienced individuals involved in homelessness, housing and/or social program delivery to join the AHAB Board to complement current skills, abilities and interests. A strong priority will be given to individuals of Aboriginal ancestry.

The Aboriginal Homelessness Advisory Board engages stakeholders at the community level in order to implement the HPS program. The Board receives, reviews and recommends community proposals for funding under Service Canada's Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS) funding program. New board members are asked to commit to participation on the committee for at least 5 years.

The mandate of the Board is to:

  • Develop terms of reference and other related policies and procedures (e.g.: membership application, roles and responsibilities of the chair, chair selection procedures, mandate or mission statements and conflict of interest guidelines.
  • Establish HPS funding priorities based on identified needs
  • Provide direction and works in collaboration with the Community Entity
  • Review project proposals
  • Recommend applications for funding, according to the criteria for HPS funding
  • Where appropriate, identify other funding partners
  • Review reports on the effect of funded programs
  • Provide reports to the community and agencies (review and comment)
  • Support and assist community consultation as required
  • Work in collaboration with other standing boards/committees on housing and homelessness and support the updating/review of the community action plan

Currently the Board meets face-to-face four times a year in Saskatoon. Generally, meetings do not exceed four hours. Some preparatory work is required to review meeting materials. Board members serve in a voluntary capacity without remuneration. However, expenses for travel, sustenance and accommodation on AHAB business are reimbursed in accordance with board policies. The deadline to submit fees has been extended to February 9, 2017 at noon.

Please forward by mail or email to the addresses listed at the bottom of the page.